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Capturing A Brilliant Smile For A Lifetime


A lot goes into your wedding day.  You plan every detail, creating a memory you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. From flowers to cake, colors to music, you weave the pieces together for a special day.  You even carefully choose a talented photographer who ensures you’ll enjoy captured moments forever. 

And in the middle of those photos, you’ll always see your smile.

Chances are your teeth have absorbed a little color over time.  Pigments in food and drink embed in the outer surface of teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, and tobacco are just some of the culprits.  Your teeth may also just naturally be a little darker than average. 

As a quick test, compare the whites of your eyes to the color of your teeth.  They should look about the same.  Better yet, compare your teeth to your stunning white wedding dress. How will your smile look against that unblemished fabric?

Fortunately, years of yellow stain can be quickly lifted away to reveal a brilliant smile. Gledhill Dental offers customized options for whitening your teeth. Professional whitening ensures a safe, predictable result with a personalized approach.  We make sure the method we choose for you will offer the best removal of unsightly color.

Over-the-counter whitening agents might help a little, but your wedding day isn’t best time to take chances.  Consider the advantages of professional whitening:

     Professional, quality-controlled gels: The peroxide-based gels used in all whitening systems might seem the same, but they’re not. These formulas are extremely sensitive to temperature during shipping and storage, and a reputable manufacturer must carefully balance the ingredients.  Gledhill Dental only uses professional-grade whitening systems to ensure the integrity of the product.

     Customized system and strength:  Your teeth are unique and may respond better to one particular gel formulation over another.  It’s also important to have our doctors evaluate your teeth to make sure old, yellow filling or crowns won’t mar your result.

     Elimination of sensitivity:  Some patients experience sensitivity during whitening.  This problem is generally temporary, but it can be bothersome.  We have methods to minimize any sensitivity and keep you focused on your wedding day.

     Quick Results:  We can even tailor your whitening time to make sure your smile is sparkling in your wedding photos.  We’ll discuss same-day whitening along with options for take-home whitening. Chances are there’s a system that’s best for you.

     Cost Effective:  You can waste a lot of money on whitening systems that don’t give you the results you want.  Save your time and money by doing it right the first time.  Teeth whitening is a small investment that helps put the finishing touch on gorgeous photos of your big event.

Smile…You Deserve It

Your wedding day marks a milestone event in your life, and the team at Gledhill Dental wants your day to form a perfect memory.  A brilliant smile adds a detail that helps ensure amazing photos and years of benefits after the big day. Call us to discover safe, effective techniques, giving you the confidence to let your joy shine through.  We look forward to seeing you soon!