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GLEDHILL DENTAL FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY | 7223 W Clearwater Ave | Kennewick, WA 99336 | (509) 783-8822    Contact Us  Hours & Map

Shattering Cosmetic Dentistry Myths


Your wedding marks a day you’ve thought about since you were a little girl. Surrounded by friends and family, every moment fills a scene in a lifetime memory.  Your smile probably won’t stop until the last photo’s captured!

Gledhill Dental wants to make sure your smile reflects the beauty of your special day. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers options for every concern. When we see patients react to the changes we bring to their appearance, we just confirm what research shows:  Smiles matter.  They matter to our emotional well-being, to our relationships, and to our social interactions.

You’ve heard a few myths about marriage and relationships, and you’ve probably already proven a few of them false.  A few misconceptions float around about cosmetic dentistry, too.  While we don’t offer marriage advice, Gledhill Dental is trained in the profession’s latest innovations, and we’ll be happy to discuss your thoughts and concerns. Let’s take a look at a few common myths regarding smile enhancements:

  • It’s Uncomfortable.  Gledhill Dental takes your comfort seriously and looks forward to introducing you to pain-free dentistry.  Some cosmetic techniques require no anesthetic or small amounts of careful numbing. 
  • It’s Damaging.  We use the most conservative dental techniques available today. If alterations to the length, shape, and alignment of your teeth are needed, one option may involve ultra-thin bonded veneers.  These modern materials strengthen cracked, worn teeth.  Many times, even less treatment produces an impressive result.
  • It Takes Forever To Do.  A smile transformation is probably faster and easier than you think.  Some straightening techniques take a few months, but dramatic results often emerge in one or two visits!  We can work around your wedding date and budget.
  • It Requires Treatment Of All Teeth.  Only a small percentage of cases require treatment of all the teeth.  Treating just a few teeth or only treating the outer surfaces of the teeth can produce a long-lasting, attractive change.
  • Any Dentist Can Do It.  All dentists are trained in a wide variety of dental techniques. But like many detailed services, cosmetic dentistry requires a particular focus and interest. Gledhill Dental’s team is passionate about smiles, and we have the training and experience to bring out the best in yours.

Life-Changing Moments

Many patients discover that cosmetic dentistry opens exciting doors to a perfect smile. You may be surprised that the majority of transformations take place in just one or two visits, or that we deliver some smile transformations without numbing. So even if you feel like you have bad teeth, you deserve to find out how quickly your smile can boost your confidence. 

Guiding patients to a brilliant new smile highlights Gledhill Dental’s mission delivering life-changing dentistry. Our passion for excellence means you’ll discover the potential in a confident grin, bringing warmth to every interaction and wedding day moment. Better yet, the benefits of your new smile carry forward into the years ahead!