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Celebrate Your Day With A Smile He’ll Never Forget


Hewlett-Packard recently conducted a study measuring “mood boosting” values in people exposed to various stimuli. An electromagnetic brain scan machine and heart-rate monitor recorded responses to three stimuli: Photos of friends, family and loved ones smiling, a gift of money, and a chunk of chocolate. Participants who were shown a smiling photo underwent the same level of stimulation as if they had eaten 2,000 chocolate bars!

No matter how you measure it, an enhanced smile produces a flood of benefits. Knowing how to jump start your smile will help you find one your groom will never forget.  Here are five treatment possibilities to discuss with the Gledhill Dental team at your next visit:

Teeth Whitening

Rapidly improve your smile by removing years of yellow stain from your teeth.  Tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, and other dark substances soak into enamel and darken tooth color over the years.  Medications or your genetics can also determine tooth shading. So even nicely shaped and aligned teeth may detract from your appearance due to dingy color.

Reshaping and Polishing

Your teeth are unique and should reflect your personality.  But one thing is universal: They should be harmonious with each other.  Symmetry in nature creates a pleasant appearance to the eye.  Sometimes one tooth is longer than another, and the complete symmetry of the smile disappears.  Small chips, uneven edges, or pointy eye-teeth can make an entire set of teeth look disharmonious. Subtle reshaping and polishing of teeth often produces an immediate confidence boost. If teeth look and feel do you, and your groom can’t help but notice!


Veneers combine dental art and science, designed to fit your smile.  Ultra-thin porcelain bonds to the front of your teeth producing a stunning makeover. But don’t let the thinness of this material fool you. Modern ceramic technology replicates any look you want to create with unmatched strength and durability.

While veneers provide a conservative way to repair bad teeth, the skills behind the process call for advanced training. At Gledhill Dental, our passion for exceptional results drives us to apply the latest techniques with these innovative materials.


Adults tend to make the most committed orthodontic patients, so it’s never too late to discuss the options for a straighter smile.  If wire braces don’t fit your style, we have good news:  Invisible methods produce excellent results for most patients and work with your lifestyle.  We’re experienced with Invisalign™, a good choice for many soon-to-be brides. You’ll be surprised how quickly Invisalign™ puts your smile into stunning shape.


Dental bonding with resin works magically to eliminate frustrating problems.  Annoying gaps between teeth and chips or ragged edges in your smile disappear in a single visit.   Composites sculpted and polished to a lustrous shine blend into your smile, leaving an undetectable solution to many dental dilemmas.  Modern composites resist staining and chipping, although they may need replacement after a few years.  Bonded composite offers quick, cost-effective solutions as your wedding day approaches.

Find Your Solution

At Gledhill Dental, we know cosmetic dentistry is about more than your teeth.  A stunning smile brightens your wedding day, sparks a gleam in your groom’s eye, and enhances a lifetime of memories.  We also know our solutions need to fit your wedding budget, and we’re pleased to offer flexible payment options.  Our relationship with CareCredit opens doors to low-cost and interest-free plans designed for your comfort level.  We look forward to helping make your wedding a day you and your loved one will never forget!