How to Extend the Longevity of a Teeth Whitening Treatment

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People love the results of a professional teeth whitening treatment, but they often continue with some of the same habits that led to stained or yellow teeth before. Some maintenance steps, like giving up cigarettes, are hard, but most things that contribute to white, healthy teeth are much easier. A few minor changes can keep that whiter smile intact for longer.


Certain foods and drinks tend to stain the teeth more than others. Coffee, tea, and red wine are probably the most famous offenders when it comes to creating tooth stains, but there are others. Tomato sauce, berries, and sugary foods also cause staining. Reduce your consumption of those foods and drinks to delay the growth of new stains. 

Some foods are good for the teeth in terms of protecting the enamel from wear and staining. Eating cheese helps protect tooth enamel, thanks to the calcium and phosphorous. Crunchy foods, like celery, apples, and carrots, stimulate saliva production, which is good for a person's teeth. Replace unhealthy snacks and sides with baby carrots, cheese, applies, and celery to get health benefits and cleaner teeth. 


A few easy lifestyle changes can be useful for preserving white teeth. Drink through a straw to minimize contact between iced tea, soda, sports drinks, and fruit juice. Putting the straw in the middle of the mouth instead of just between the teeth minimizes contact with those tooth-staining liquids that so many people enjoy. 

Snacking between meals may be necessary, but it also contributes to yellowing and staining. Snacking might not be inherently bad for teeth, but most people do not brush their teeth after munching. Many snack foods are high in sugar or get consumed alongside sugary drinks and coffee. 

Smoking and chewing tobacco are two habits that can erase the effect of any teeth whitening treatment. In addition to other health benefits, ending tobacco use entirely helps keep the teeth white longer. In addition, the overwhelming health benefits of not smoking make it worth investing the effort in counseling, patches, or other support for kicking the tobacco habit. 

Oral hygiene practices

Appropriate oral hygeine also goes a long way to preserve whitening effects. Brush after eating to remove any food residue that would end up creating stains. Use whitening toothpaste or mouthwash to minimize the formation of new stains. At-home whitening kits are available almost anywhere. These strips and gels can be a good supplement to professional treatment. 

Regular dental cleanings are another effective maintenance step. A regular dental cleaning and checkup offers other benefits, too, such as giving patients an opportunity to discuss teeth whitening steps they can take when their last treatment wears off. 


Even a great professional teeth whitening treatment can be undone by lifestyle, diet, or poor dental hygiene. Patients can extend the life of a whitening treatment by making diet and lifestyle changes along with keeping up with regular maintenance of the teeth.  

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